(II.International Multidisciplinary Digital Life Congress)
(IMDLIC-II. 2022 Gazi Üniversitesi / ANKARA)


Honorable Scientists,


Honorable representatives of organizations that have the responsibility of awareness of human life, directing and managing the masses, Distinguished Participants;

In cooperation with the Association for Combating Digital Addiction (which was established to contribute to social consciousness by emphasizing the purpose of putting a scientific perspective on the transformation of digital development into social benefit in terms of its mission and vision) and Gazi University (one of the oldest and most prestigious university in Turkey), we are going to organize II. International Multidisciplinary Digital Life Congress (IMDLIC-II. 2022) on 20-22 May 2022 in Ankara. We are proud and excited to organize an advanced scientific congress with international participation for the second time with its academic and current perspective, social reflections, developmental effects, and awareness outputs in this field.

It is, of course, essential to assimilate the innovations that digitalism has brought and will bring. In an environment where the beneficial aspects of each innovation are discussed; It is also important and a skill to deal with the fact that there may be negative aspects from a strategic point of view. Managing communication, which is perhaps one of the most important elements of today, with all its effects and powers in the ordinary course of the digital world, which now contains virtual and social elements, can only be among the outputs of a scientific point of view. In today’s world, where simulative virtual universes are spreading before us, we have very strategic and important obligations, such as surviving with our human qualities and maintaining control mechanisms at the maximum level.


The II. International Multidisciplinary Digital Life Congress, in which we will discuss all these elements and aim to realize the dynamics of multi-dimensional perspectives, awaits us as a science feast where your academic and scientific-based studies are blended. As an important stakeholder of this international organization, I would like to express that we will be thrilled and honored to host you in Ankara, the capital city of Türkiye. I hope that our work will be beneficial and raise awareness for our country, our nation and humanity, and I proudly invite you to this great meeting.


Sincerely yours,




Prof. Dr. Tuncay DİLCİ

   Gazi University  Gazi University lecturer

IMDLIC II. International Multidisciplinary

Digital Life Congress 2022

 General Coordinator

You can send your abstracts to the e-mail address diyarged@gmail.com

Prof. Dr. Mahmut SELVİ
Gazi University Faculty of Education Dean

IMDLIC II. International Multidisciplinary

Digital Life Congress 2022

General Coordinator

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